Thursday, December 31, 2009

I guess Santa got the memo we would be in Colorado for Christmas this year because even the change in states couldn't keep the new skis I got away oh and Tristons shot gun! You know I didn't really take any pictures not that they would get posted any way. It didn't snow that bad when we were there it probably snow more here than there! Well we are home now and only 3 more days of no school that sucks :(
Well happy holidays new year or what ever!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Got a couple of things to catch up on: Well oppisite of the wind storm we had a lot of snow yesterday! It actually stuck to the ground to so all over town is white! On the second one I'll give you a hint then tell. December 5th a very very cute girl turned 13.......................... My brithday was on Saturday!!! [gifts are still welcomed only with late fees though !JK!] Ummmmmmmmm well that's all for now!!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009


ugggg!!!! I anger!!!!! We were going to see new moon (which came out today :] ) But right now we are having a HUGE wind storm so our school got closed down and it is not supposed to stop till midnight and the showing we were going to go to was at 5:30. So now all that waiting was only so I can't go tonight!!! That is my terrible story of the day but on the bright side we got out of school!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

This is a shout out to my Aunt Jacqueline only 7 days till new moon!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sorry Jackie I did not get back on the computer last night!
Some new news: My basketball team did end up winning the championship game!!!!!!!
Triston's football team went to the championships but lost that game so the football season is now over.My mom has her christmas craft fair this weekend and she still has a lot to do yikes!Ummm my dad is not really doing anything but right now he is asleep on the couch.
My history class (yawn) is doing a play and we are going to act it out tomarrow! We've been practicing this play for like 4 weeks now and I if I do say so my self I'm pretty good!
Well I ordered some stuff for me and my mommy from cafe press (to ware when we go see new moon only 8 more days *just for you Jackie*) I've been waiting for it forever and just now it came in I'm like crazy. Well go to jet!!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009



Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well my school basketball team just had another game. This time it was a tough game but..... we stil won !!! So the little town girls are STILL undefeated. I am so happy. But last year the other eighth grade team was undeafeated till the championship when one of our players got a concusion(oooooh)well today at the some court someone from the other team went down and twisted, broke, or sprained her ankel!! Well just had to share my happy news bye:D

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy October,I'm so excited for Halloween this year its going to be great! Yesterday some of the kids in my school got to go to the pupmkin patch in Fallon, and guess what I got lost they had to send someone in to go get me, but it was funny because when the nice lady was taking me out we found my friend. We split up because we both wanted to go our way and when we found her we were both laughing. We got these huge pumkins to it was so fun!
Last night was homecoming and we smoked the other team 58 to 0 and my brother was saying they were a really good school( now their just embarrassed) Triston was so excited!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guess what my basketball team is undefeated!!!! While the seventh grade team (all of the sixth graders because, there were to many of them so my coach moved all of the seventh graders up to the eighth grade team) stands defeated :( We've smoked all of the teams we got to play so far so that's good.
Well my brother is not very nice so I got to go. I'll come back tomarrow if I have time

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hey have any of you seen the new new moon trailer? It's awsome I can't wait for the movie!Especialy because New Moon is my favorite book.

Well today is Saturday and guess what me and my mom did we cleaned! Now you can see the floor of my room :D. Dad and Triston were coming home from Triston's football game. They lost :( but thats ok.

Libbie's puppies are huge we gave out one of the puppies to my friend today (Libbie had the puppies at her house). I have pictures to post of them but no time I have tons of homework!

Let's see in basketball I am on the eighth grade team! ( I'm only in seventh grade). We won our first game an our second game is on Tuesday hopefully we willl win that one to!

I just put a lot of random things on this time but I tired and resisting the urge to go to sleep so oh well!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm only 12 it's hard to keep up with pictures(in case you didn't already guess it's "the daughter")and there is one picture :D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ok, this may come as a surprise but it's me......the mom! I guess if anyone wants any family dirt all they have to do is read the blog!!!! Just kidding, I actually like reading what Brea writes it either makes me laugh or shake my head in shame, haa, haa, haa. As Brea has said the kids have started school. I really can not believe that Triston is in high school. I know I'm not really that old. At least I didn't feel like it until I fell the other morning when I was walking with my friend Nicki. We get up and walk 3 miles in the morning. It's tough some days when I don't get enough sleep but very much worth it. This particular morning I fell it was very dark still as we walk at 4:40 AM. We were only about a half mile from home, walking down the highway. There were trucks leaving to go to the mine so we kept stepping off the road onto the dirt. The highway is a little slanted so the dirt is also a little slanted as you step off. Well after about the fourth truck I knew I really needed to watch my step. As I stepped off the road there just happened to be a few crevices where the water had run off from some rain we had. Guess where my foot landed?????? Yep half way on the road and half way in a crevice. I didn't know I could fall so gracefully!!!! Well my poor walking partner was stuck between laughing and seeing if Iwas alright. She held off laughing for a few seconds and told me to get up and not let the truck coming see me. What a partner, always looking out for me. Well after I decided not to cry I got up and walked out the twist in my ankle. By the time I got home I thought I was fine. After I got home and showered, went and taught seminary then went to work and sat for about a half hour I could feel the stiffness start to set in. OK can anyone say "muscle relaxers please"! By the time I got home I could hardly walk. I texted Nicki at work and told her how sore I was and she told me how she had to tell her co-workers and how they just looked at her because she was laughing so hard. I do have to say it was funny. I was laughing myself. It did stop however the next morning when I woke up to walk and felt like I did three rounds in the ultimate fighting. I thought the worst of it would be my ankle ummm not so much. It was every where but my ankle. Ok, enough of my blunders. Back to the happenings here. Triston seems to like high school. Playing football is good for him at this point. He has to be eligible in order to play. The coach has a study hall set up after school for the players to do homework and get help with whatever they need so there is no reason NOT to be eligible. He seems to be doing very well which makes me happy.

Next is our Brea. What can we say about her? She's in seventh grade and normally likes school. This year is a little different for here. She says she hates it. I don't really think it's school she dislikes as much as the riff-raff and cliques. She has a hard time putting up with things that happen that shouldn't. She is a great help to me whether it's helping me clean or cook, it's great that she is so reliable. Well I have to cut this short, Jackie is here and wants to show me something on face book and she needs the computer so I'll just say I hope everything is good for everyone.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Triston turned fourteen on September 1
My mom also had a birthday but hers was in August

Hi guys I haven't been on in awhile sorry! I was just being lazy. Me and my brother started school. He's a freshmen now and his football team is doing really good I think so at least they're 1 up and 1 down. As far as I can tell he's liking high school. As for me I do not like school I'm in seventh grade now. Switching classes is fun and all my teachers are fine except my PE teacher.He is new and every other thursday we have to run a mile and we have homework. UGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! I will not be puting any pictures on here from the first day of school we were rushing and Triston didn't want to take any so you can just blame him or take it from me that I looked pretty dern cute I guess Triston looked okay to :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

The picture above is was from our trip to disneyland.We went on Halloween with my aunt Steph and uncle Marty it was so fun. It was the only good recent family picture on the lap top!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm back (already)

We're watching a movie right now but I've already seen it and I got board so I'm just gonna start yapping
* DAD* Just finished a 16 by 16ft edition on my parents room WOW it only took a year to finish!! Doing that and being a chief juvenile probation officer was not fun for any of us. He still has to do the bathroom and closet part of the project great!!!
* MOM* works at the welfare department although she wishes she could be a stay at home mom. She is always reading Nora Roberts books (I think she might like them?)
* TRISTON * 13 in a half *Well what can I say he's my brother He's weird and all that stuff. But I must say somthing nice before my mom reads this (hee hee hee). He's going to start high school when school comes around. He's shorter than I am and he's going to play football up in the big school yikes!!
*Me * 12 in a half* I'm going into 7th grade yeah big whoop I'm just drooling. I love to read like my mom but I'm not to big on Nora Roberts I'm more into Twilight, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Maximum Ride.

Well wow I'm whooped that's more than I've written in who knows how long my mom says hi shes cleaning so she can't come to my call but she might write tomorrow.

WE FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After we called Amanda for an invite to her blog we updated to google and........................ Here we are! My mom and I only have to figure out how to do pictures and remember to update as often as we (I) can. I have friends here right now but I promise to come back on and tell about what's been happening tonight!!!!