Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hey have any of you seen the new new moon trailer? It's awsome I can't wait for the movie!Especialy because New Moon is my favorite book.

Well today is Saturday and guess what me and my mom did we cleaned! Now you can see the floor of my room :D. Dad and Triston were coming home from Triston's football game. They lost :( but thats ok.

Libbie's puppies are huge we gave out one of the puppies to my friend today (Libbie had the puppies at her house). I have pictures to post of them but no time I have tons of homework!

Let's see in basketball I am on the eighth grade team! ( I'm only in seventh grade). We won our first game an our second game is on Tuesday hopefully we willl win that one to!

I just put a lot of random things on this time but I tired and resisting the urge to go to sleep so oh well!

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