Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm back (already)

We're watching a movie right now but I've already seen it and I got board so I'm just gonna start yapping
* DAD* Just finished a 16 by 16ft edition on my parents room WOW it only took a year to finish!! Doing that and being a chief juvenile probation officer was not fun for any of us. He still has to do the bathroom and closet part of the project great!!!
* MOM* works at the welfare department although she wishes she could be a stay at home mom. She is always reading Nora Roberts books (I think she might like them?)
* TRISTON * 13 in a half *Well what can I say he's my brother He's weird and all that stuff. But I must say somthing nice before my mom reads this (hee hee hee). He's going to start high school when school comes around. He's shorter than I am and he's going to play football up in the big school yikes!!
*Me * 12 in a half* I'm going into 7th grade yeah big whoop I'm just drooling. I love to read like my mom but I'm not to big on Nora Roberts I'm more into Twilight, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Maximum Ride.

Well wow I'm whooped that's more than I've written in who knows how long my mom says hi shes cleaning so she can't come to my call but she might write tomorrow.

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