Monday, April 19, 2010

Very Good Weekend

This weekend Amanda, Gary, Ryker, and Zadie came to see the people in Hawthorne and stayed at our house. It was very fun to see Zadie and Ryker. Zadie, being the happy baby she is let me hold her almost every time she was in my sight and Ryker mostly wanted pickles they were both so cute!!!! Such a fun weekend I going to miss them when they move (not that I see them a lot any way)!!!!!!


For the longest time I have been going back and forth with a kid in my class for the best grades, he has sometimes beaten me but I have never beaten him but this grading quarter I finally beat him!!!!! You see I got a 4.0 and he didn't! And to me what's funny is he got a B in the subject that made me loose to him the first quarter, English!!!