Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well my school basketball team just had another game. This time it was a tough game but..... we stil won !!! So the little town girls are STILL undefeated. I am so happy. But last year the other eighth grade team was undeafeated till the championship when one of our players got a concusion(oooooh)well today at the some court someone from the other team went down and twisted, broke, or sprained her ankel!! Well just had to share my happy news bye:D

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy October,I'm so excited for Halloween this year its going to be great! Yesterday some of the kids in my school got to go to the pupmkin patch in Fallon, and guess what I got lost they had to send someone in to go get me, but it was funny because when the nice lady was taking me out we found my friend. We split up because we both wanted to go our way and when we found her we were both laughing. We got these huge pumkins to it was so fun!
Last night was homecoming and we smoked the other team 58 to 0 and my brother was saying they were a really good school( now their just embarrassed) Triston was so excited!