Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ok, this may come as a surprise but it's me......the mom! I guess if anyone wants any family dirt all they have to do is read the blog!!!! Just kidding, I actually like reading what Brea writes it either makes me laugh or shake my head in shame, haa, haa, haa. As Brea has said the kids have started school. I really can not believe that Triston is in high school. I know I'm not really that old. At least I didn't feel like it until I fell the other morning when I was walking with my friend Nicki. We get up and walk 3 miles in the morning. It's tough some days when I don't get enough sleep but very much worth it. This particular morning I fell it was very dark still as we walk at 4:40 AM. We were only about a half mile from home, walking down the highway. There were trucks leaving to go to the mine so we kept stepping off the road onto the dirt. The highway is a little slanted so the dirt is also a little slanted as you step off. Well after about the fourth truck I knew I really needed to watch my step. As I stepped off the road there just happened to be a few crevices where the water had run off from some rain we had. Guess where my foot landed?????? Yep half way on the road and half way in a crevice. I didn't know I could fall so gracefully!!!! Well my poor walking partner was stuck between laughing and seeing if Iwas alright. She held off laughing for a few seconds and told me to get up and not let the truck coming see me. What a partner, always looking out for me. Well after I decided not to cry I got up and walked out the twist in my ankle. By the time I got home I thought I was fine. After I got home and showered, went and taught seminary then went to work and sat for about a half hour I could feel the stiffness start to set in. OK can anyone say "muscle relaxers please"! By the time I got home I could hardly walk. I texted Nicki at work and told her how sore I was and she told me how she had to tell her co-workers and how they just looked at her because she was laughing so hard. I do have to say it was funny. I was laughing myself. It did stop however the next morning when I woke up to walk and felt like I did three rounds in the ultimate fighting. I thought the worst of it would be my ankle ummm not so much. It was every where but my ankle. Ok, enough of my blunders. Back to the happenings here. Triston seems to like high school. Playing football is good for him at this point. He has to be eligible in order to play. The coach has a study hall set up after school for the players to do homework and get help with whatever they need so there is no reason NOT to be eligible. He seems to be doing very well which makes me happy.

Next is our Brea. What can we say about her? She's in seventh grade and normally likes school. This year is a little different for here. She says she hates it. I don't really think it's school she dislikes as much as the riff-raff and cliques. She has a hard time putting up with things that happen that shouldn't. She is a great help to me whether it's helping me clean or cook, it's great that she is so reliable. Well I have to cut this short, Jackie is here and wants to show me something on face book and she needs the computer so I'll just say I hope everything is good for everyone.

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