Friday, March 5, 2010


When you break your foot during volleyball season it really sucks. So I'm not in a cast or anything but I'm going to be. See my foot was bugging me so finaly when it was as swollen as a really fat chocolate chunk cookie my mom took me to the doctor and he said not to run or jump on it for two weeks and see if it feels better then sent me to go get an x-ray. Well on Wednesday which was my follow up appoinment he said that the x-ray didn't show anything but some other doctor guy looked at the x-ray and found the bone was kind of swolen and that most likely it was a healing fracture (so not really a break but close enough) and probably shouldn't run or jump on it for two more weeks. Well volleyball is almost over so I asked if mabey I could just finish out the season. It was up to me apperently and I said I was going to but he said that if it got swollen again that he was going to put me in a cast. Just my luck it's swollen again!!!!!!!!!!!

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