Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good News

Well our volleyball tournoment was yesterday and even though we wern't undefeated like in basketball we still won the tournoment!!!!!! It was sooooo intense because we had to play a team we had lost to the whole season but we won (it was a very close game though). After we won of course all of us were excited and my coach was handing out the medals well the people who ordered the medals didn't order enough and guess who didn't get one.................ME. Yeah well that put a damper on my good mood!
Right after that my dad got to play in the annual basketball game of guns and hoses and he had my little cousins laughing sooo hard they were making other people laugh it was fun. They only had like seven guns show up and a million hoses so while they had fresh people coming in our tired guys were still playing but they only lost by a little bit and my dad said he had fun so that's good!!!!

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jackie said...

How come you are the only one that ever blogs on this? It says the Schlepps not Brea's Blog. LoL Thanks for the updates. Keep it up.